We currently accept referrals from Hospital and Primary Care Clinicians – Consultants, Nurses and Clinical Psychologists as well as self-referrals by patients. We founded this service in the award winning Salford Royal Hospital HNS Trust in partnership with the Adult Inherited Metabolic Disorders team and a 2 year grant from Shire Biopharmaceuticals.


Now a national project, we can provide one to one therapeutic sessions for patients struggling to cope with a diagnosis and the symptoms of Long-Term Physical Conditions (LTCs). Group therapy and psycho-educational sessions of 1.5 hours per month, are allocated according to patient groupings and ages. 

We also deliver one day training workshops – for family and for hospital and primary care staff to cover Vicarious Traumatisation and Compassion Fatigue as well as providing therapeutic support to these communities.


Our wellbeing pages contains self-help literature and CBT that all Patients, Staff and Patients’ family can access (different sections for different ages).

A debriefing, crisis and bereavement service is available via phone and Skype for patients, family and staff for support with difficult or crises situations that may occur, resulting in psychological distress.




Do you recognise yourself in the Vicious Health Cycle?  Ask yourself these three questions...


1. Do you do more on good days and less on bad days?
2. Are you an over-achiever—doing more than you have to?
3. Are you a people pleaser? Do you have a problem saying NO to others when you are asked to do things?


Could you see yourself in the Vicious Health Cycle and do you recognise yourself in the three questions?  If you did, then our Self-Care Toolkit could be for you, click the button below to download it.



Sometimes the arrows can also go anti-clockwise as well. For example - time off work can lead to negative thinking, and fear of the future can lead to stress / fear.