LTCs and Your Work


If you have a long-term condition, try to keep working as long as your health permits, as employment has been shown to have long-term benefits. It is best to make your employer aware of your condition and have a discussion with them to see whether they could make any changes to meet your needs. This can be done on an informal basis first as the majority of the employers are accommodating to employees needs, but if you meet resistance, legislation such as the Equality Act 2010 may give you a legal right to request such changes.


These changes can include:

  • Alterations to your work-space.

  • Working different hours.

  • Working in a way that makes allowances for your condition (for example, having more breaks).

  • Equipment that may help you.

  • Going back to work on a part-time basis after being off sick.

  • Making your job less pressurised.

  • Sharing work with others when you are under pressure.


If you have been off sick, it may useful to have a discussion with your GP about when it will be appropriate for you to return to work. If necessary, the GP can give you a 'fit note' advising of any changes they feel your employer needs to make to your working environment.


You may also be able to get support from your Occupational Health service at work. If your employer does not have one, you may be able to access a national occupational service. Links to these services can be found through pages on the NHS Choices Live Well website.